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Bard is right for you if...

  1. Your company has analysts, but they are too busy to help your team.

  2. There's an important analytics or data warehouse project and you need expert guidance.

  3. You need help making sense of your data, but there's no budget to hire a full-time analyst.


Bard can be used as analytics support for marketers, PMs, or anyone else who needs data to do their job well. Email, chat, screen shares, all are welcome.


We've worked with most the BI and analytics tools on the market and happy to share our opinions or get you up and running with best practices.


Send the stream of report requests directly to us and we'll write the SQL and build the reports. We'll even maintain your whole BI or analytics stack.


Who is Bard?

Bard was founded in late 2016 by Jake Peterson, former VP of Customer Success and Technical Support at Segment, and writer of this paragraph! Bard is full-time for me. We’ve also got an ex-Segment developer and a few awesome analysts to help out on projects. Depending on the project we sometimes tap in to my extended network of analytics, data science, and data engineering experts.