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Bard is right for you if...

  1. Your company has analysts, but they are too busy to help your team.

  2. There's an important analytics or data warehouse project and you need expert guidance.

  3. You need help making sense of your data, but there's no budget to hire a full-time analyst.


Bard can be used as analytics support for marketers, PMs, or anyone else who needs data to do their job well. Email, chat, screen shares, all are welcome.


We've worked with most the BI and analytics tools on the market and happy to share our opinions or get you up and running with best practices.


Send the stream of report requests directly to us and we'll write the SQL and build the reports. We'll even maintain your whole BI or analytics stack.


Customer Testimonials

We have been working with Bard Analytics since 2017 and could not be happier. The team has helped us gain visibility to our customer experience from beginning to end by connecting data from Segment, BigQuery, Salesforce, HubSpot, Stripe, etc, and modeling and visualizing that data in Looker. From evaluating and selecting tools, to modeling and visualizing data, Jake and his team have provided us with the guidance and expertise to fully leverage our data.

Mike Ciulla, Marketing Lead at Mabl
Customer from October 2017 to Present

 Working with Bard to build our Looker model saved us so much time and left us with a solid foundation going forward. We continued co-working with Bard as we built out our Looker instance. It's been valuable to have someone with Looker experience to help keep our model clean and uncluttered.

Adela Mou, Director of Strategy & Partnerships at SevenRooms
Customer from September 2018 to Present

We’ve worked with Jake at Bard Analytics since we launched Jetty. We use Segment to track events and manage all our vendor pixels. Jake was instrumental in helping us shape our site tracking plan specifically for Segment. From advising on actions to track to the formatting of the attributes we wanted to measure within those actions to how best to access our information after capture, he was an immense help in getting our event analytics system up and running. We now leverage several of Jake’s best practices across our product and engineering orgs to ensure our data is streamlined, consistent, and scales with our business.

Emilee Walch, Product Manager at Jetty
Customer for about a year, starting February 2017


Who is Bard?

Bard was founded in late 2016 by Jake Peterson, former VP of Customer Success and Technical Support at Segment, and writer of this paragraph! Bard is full-time for me. We’ve also got an ex-Segment developer and a few awesome analysts to help out on projects. Depending on the project we sometimes tap in to my network of analytics, data science, and data engineering experts.