Analytics Quickstart Light

$1,500 for up to 9 hours of work


This Light version of the Analytics Quickstart project is great if you only need a basic implementation of a single tool. 

Docs in this project will be working docs meant to get us to the end of the project successfully, not as a long-term source of truth like the docs in the full Quickstart project.

Meetings are also kept to a minimum in this project to save time for the work. Only 1 or 2 meetings are necessary. One to kick off technical implementation and another to wrap the project with a training session.


Customize analytics spec

3–4 hours

We'll review your site and/or app and lay out the data that needs to be tracked in a Google doc. You'll comment on that doc with the following:

  • Questions you have that you'd like to answer with data.

  • Metrics you want to track.

  • Reports you want to see at the end of the project.

  • Any feedback on the data we plan to track.

Choose your new analytics tool

Once the tracking outline is ready, we'll help you decide on the right tool for the job. This varies with your budget and requirements, but you might end up with Amplitude, a Segment-powered data warehouse with reports in Mode or a basic Looker setup, a Grow dashboard, or an advanced Google Analytics setup. 

Install and test data tracking

3–4 hours

Once the tracking outline is ready and a tool is chosen, we'll add technical implementation directions for your developers to install tracking or otherwise set up the technical components of the implementation. 

Your tech team will work with us to answer any questions that come up during implementation  We'll also help test the implementation to make sure data will be trustworthy and users get merged across platforms accurately. 

Build out core reports

1–3 hours

The remaining time will be spent building out sample dashboards or reports and training you and the team to use the tool and data sets effectively.

We'll also use this time to make sure the hand off goes smoothly, or plan out the first block of retained hours for ongoing support.