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About Bard Analytics

Bard Analytics is an analytics services company that was founded by me, Jake Peterson, in late 2016. Right now I'm the only full-time employee. I get hourly help from various people but I’m looking for a few more dedicated team members to start ASAP. The customers we work with range in size but are typically venture-backed tech companies or successful online bootstrapped businesses.

Before starting Bard, I was VP of Customer Success at Segment, an analytics software platform that makes it easy to collect data from apps and websites. I hired and trained a bunch of talented people during my time there and I'm ready to do the same thing again by bringing on my first few employees at Bard. 

I designed the services we offer at Bard to be complementary to Segment and other modern analytics technologies like Looker, Mode, Stitch, and many more analytics software tools that we use on a regular basis. The two most common ways we work with companies are Quickstart Projects and Retainers. Quickstart Projects include helping customers choose the right analytics tools, planning what data needs to be collected, helping them install analytics software, building reports with the data, and training the team on how to find and use the data they need to do their job. Customers on Retainer buy a block of hours on a recurring basis that can be used for report building in various analytics tools, writing SQL queries, and anything else they need help with in the analytics realm. If you're curious which tools we typically use, there's a short list in the Custom Quickstart section on the Bard Projects page.


Analytics Consultant

What you'll be doing

As an Analytics Consultant you'll be working directly with me, Jake, in all aspects of the services described in the paragraph above. Depending on your past experience and interests you might choose to focus on one of the following:

  • Business planning of what data is important at the beginning of a new project

  • Technical aspect of how we will install the software into the website or apps

  • Reporting and analysis to interpret and visualize data we have collected using SQL, Python, LookML, or front-end reporting tools like Looker, Chartio, Amplitude, Mixpanel, Tableau, etc.

There is a lot of work to be done and I'm happy to train you in whatever area you're most interested in. You will likely spend most of your time in SQL and/or LookML since that makes up the biggest part of the ongoing work we do for customers.

Required Experience

It's important for this role that you have some experience with business data and analytics. SQL is going to be important for this role so you’ll either need to know some SQL now or be willing to learn at an aggressive pace.

Excitement about this type of work and thoughtful customer service are more important than any specific technical skills. I can teach technical skills quickly so being able to trust you taking the lead with customers is far more important during the interview process and first few months on the job.


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