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I'm currently hiring part-time Analytics and Growth Apprentices. These roles are designed to be college internships but are open to anyone, even if you plan on keeping your day job.

Remote applicants must have some relevant experience. I'm more flexible on experience with MN-based applicants but you must be willing to drive to St. Joseph to meet in person.


About Bard Analytics

Bard Analytics is a professional services company that was founded by me, Jake Peterson, in late 2016. Right now I'm the only full-time employee and I regularly work with people from my network of analytics experts to make sure customers get the help they need when they work with Bard. The customers we work with range in size but are typically venture-backed tech companies or successful online bootstrapped businesses.

Before starting Bard, I was VP of Customer Success at Segment, an analytics software platform that makes it easy to collect data from apps and websites. I hired and trained a bunch of talented people during my time there and I'm ready to do the same thing again by bringing on my first few employees at Bard. 

I designed the services we offer at Bard to be complementary to Segment and other modern analytics technologies. The two most common ways we work with companies are Setup Projects and Analytics Subscriptions. Setup Projects include helping customers choose the right analytics tools, planning what data needs to be collected, helping them install analytics software, building reports with the data, and training the team on how to find and use the data they need to do their job. Customers with Analytics Subscriptions buy a stash of hours on a semi-monthly basis that can be used for report building in various analytics tools, writing SQL queries, and anything else they need help with in the analytics realm. If you're curious which tools we typically use, there's a short list in the Custom Quickstart section on the Bard Projects page.


Analytics Apprentice

What you'll be doing

As an Analytics Apprentice you'll be working directly with me, Jake, in all aspects of the services described in the paragraph above. Depending on your past experience and interests you might choose to focus on one of the following:

  • Business planning of what data is important 
  • Technical aspect of how we will install the software into the website or apps
  • Reporting and analysis to interpret and visualize data we have collected

There is a lot of work to be done and I'm happy to train you in whatever area you're most interested in. 

Required Experience

It's important for this role that you have experience in statistics (stats, calc, lab work), mathematical modeling (multiple math or econ classes), or previous work experience doing some kind of data analysis or visualization. 

If you're interested in this stuff and don't have experience, check out the Growth Apprentice position below.


Growth Apprentice

What you'll be doing

Growth at Bard involves a lot of researching, writing, and speaking to people. The internet is full of places to find potential customers and you'll work directly with me, Jake, to find as many as we can. You'll also be writing to those potential customers with the aim of understanding how we can help them succeed. As you learn about the services Bard provides you'll write marketing content for the website and other documents like proposals and project plans that we'll share with new customers.

Partnerships with analytics software companies are another important source of customers that you'll be involved in. There's a lot of work to be done to improve relationships with partners and provide more value to them and their customers. This is an exciting opportunity to learn about the industry and meet other founders and early team members in the tech industry.

Required Experience

The most important experience I'm looking for is a strong record of learning difficult concepts, working hard, and getting things done. It's also important that you have some experience with online analytics and/or marketing software of some kind.  

I can imagine people in various majors and previous job experiences being successful in this role.

Apprenticeships will start off at 10 hours a week at $10/hour and could grow to 20 hours and higher hourly rate if things go well. Full-time is a possibility in the longer term.


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