Our pricing process is simple and transparent. You buy a block of work and when time is spent on your project it gets pulled from that block.

When the time in a block is used up, we'll invoice for another one if there's still work to be done. You can cancel any time for any reason. 

Once you purchase a block of hours, it never expires.




This time can be used to create a project plan or detailed proposal for a larger block, audit your systems, or document an existing setup.

Only 1 trial block can be purchased per company. 

Part Time


This is where most companies start. The first block usually follows one of the Quickstart project outlines.

Companies using a data warehouse and BI tools fit well on this tier. Time can be spent adding or updating reports and data sources on a regular basis.



You'll feel like a full stack analytics expert has joined your team. We'll help you understand your customers by making improvements to your analytics stack, analyzing your existing data, or both.

At this level, we can maintain your whole analytics stack for you or take on large projects to roll out world class analytics across your company or customer base.


Notes on Pricing

The rates above are for remote analyst work only. That includes planning, consultations, implementation guidance, and testing (including code examples and light debugging), report creation in analytics and BI tools, writing SQL.

Software development like python, custom ETL pipelines or Javascript visualizations will be estimated separately based on the scope of work and expertise needed for the project.