Our pricing process is simple and transparent. You buy a block of hours and when time is spent on your project it gets pulled from that block. When the time in a block is used up, we'll invoice for another one if there's still work to be done. You can cancel at any time for any reason.

Blocks typically last 4 to 6 weeks depending on the weekly cadence we establish together. Unused hours can be postponed for up to 6 months if you need a few weeks to make technical changes or work on other projects.



Startup and SMB Pricing

These prices are designed for startups or small businesses. This work is fully remote with some limited options for onsite visits.




20 hours

This is where most companies start. The first block usually follows one of the 22-hour Quickstart project outlines. Blocks include 20 hours when not part of a Quickstart.

These blocks are for people who want regular access to advice about analytics tools or best practices. Also great for startups that only need a light part-time analyst for quick reports or maintenance.



36 hours

At about a day of work per week, significant progress to analytics systems can be made every week.

We'll help you understand your customers by making improvements to your analytics stack, analyzing your existing data, or both.



77 hours

You'll feel like a full stack analytics expert has joined your team. 

At this level, we can maintain your whole analytics stack or take on large scale projects to roll out world class analytics for your company or customers.


Enterprise or Custom Pricing

The pricing options above are for completely remote analyst work. If you need additional services like data engineering, data science, analytics implementation, or on-sites, get in touch and we can put together a proposal.


Need a proof of concept or formal proposal?

We offer a one-time trial rate of $500 for 3–6 hours. During that time we can scope out a larger project proposal or audit your systems to recommend next steps that may or may not involve help from Bard.

Notes on Pricing

Meetings are logged at $200/hour for SMBs and $300/hour for Enterprise regardless of the block size. Essential meetings are logged the same as independent work, that includes kickoffs, wrap ups, and recurring check ins for retainer customers.

The rates above are for analyst work only and in some cases very light development help. That includes planning, consultations, implementation guidance, and testing (including code examples and light debugging), report creation in analytics and BI tools, writing SQL.

Software development like Python, R, custom ETL pipelines, Javascript visualizations or web/mobile analytics implementations are things we can help with and will be estimated separately based on the scope of work and expertise needed for the project.