Our pricing process is simple and transparent. First, we'll connect over phone or email to understand what you need. Next, you'll get a project plan with goals we commit to achieving and the scope of work needed to get there.

The project price is calculated by multiplying the estimated project hours by our hourly project rate: $100/hour. You can choose to structure the project as a one-off or under a subscription. Read below to understand the difference.


Retainer | $1,500–$5,000

You'll feel like a full stack analytics expert has joined your team. We'll help you understand your customers by making improvements to your analytics stack, analyzing your existing data, or both.

Blocks of 15–50 hours are purchased at the project rate ($100/hour). The block size is determined by the volume of work you need done—we recommend purchasing a block that will last 2–4 weeks. Hours don't expire and we only invoice for additional blocks if there's still work to be done.  


Quickstart | $1,500–$10,000

You'll have a shiny new analytics stack in record time. Setup projects are perfect for companies that already have people on the team who can use the data, but need expert guidance to get everything set up correctly.

Check out our scoped Quickstart projects →


Analysis | $1,000–$2,500

If you've got a data problem, yo I'll solve it. You can ask for help with anything from traffic analysis in Google Analytics to growth modeling in SQL. The work must be at least 10 hours to qualify for the project rate ($100/hour).


Hourly Consultations | $0+

I (Jake) prefer to answer quick questions via email for free. Send me a detailed email and I'll point you in the right direction. If you'd rather pay to chat through an issue on the phone you can find time here.


Note on Pricing: The $100/hour project rate is for analytics work only. That includes planning, consultations, implementation guidance and testing (including code examples and light debugging), report creation, SQL. Software development like python, custom ETL pipelines or Javascript visualizations will be estimated separately based on the scope of work and expertise needed for the project.