Quickstart Projects

Below you'll find a list of quickstart projects. These projects can usually be finished under a Half-time Block over the course of 4 weeks (see pricing). Send us an email to discuss details.


Custom Quickstart

You'll get a custom data model and reports, help deciding on the right tools for the job, and a solid technical implementation.

This project covers initial setup of analytics tools like Google Analytics, Segment, Mixpanel, Amplitude, Heap, or BI tools like Looker, Mode, Chartio on top of warehouses like Redshift and BigQuery filled with ETL data from tools like Stitch

Stage 1: Modeling

You'll get a customized project plan based on just a few simple questions and a kickoff call. The plan includes a document of your most important goals and questions about your business translated into metrics and data that needs to be collected, plus the recommended tools you need. You'll also get a technical implementation plan for your dev team.

Stage 2: Setup

Your developers will pair with an analytics expert to complete the implementation plan. That can either happen over the phone, screen share, or chat. All tracking will be thoroughly tested to make sure you can trust the data. It’s usually faster for your developers to lead the implementation and pair with Bard developers but we can handle the coding if necessary.

Stage 3: Activation

The tools you chose in the Modeling stage will be customized to answer your business questions and keep an eye on your metrics. This stage varies a lot depending on how much time was spent during implementation and which tools are being set up.


Ecommerce Quickstart

Choosing the right approach for your store varies a lot depending on how your customers find you and the platform you use. Sometimes Google Analytics is enough and sometimes we need to pull various data sources together in a warehouse. 

This quickstart package follows the same 3 stages as the custom quickstart above, but it can usually be delivered faster because best practices for ecommerce analytics is very standard regardless of what you're selling. That means more time in the Activation stage for reporting work.

Shoot us an email and we'll give you an idea what would be covered in an ecommerce quickstart project for your shop!


Publishing Quickstart


We'll start with a kickoff meeting to review your goals, revenue streams (other than advertising), reports and dashboards you'd like to see at the end of the project, questions you hope to answer, and tool recommendations that will be the best fit for your business.

You'll receive a write up of your goals, questions, and reports/dashboards from the kickoff broken down to a data schema so we know exactly what data to collect. Reporting plans that outline exactly how we'll use the newly collected data in reports and dashboards. And a technical implementation guide for the next stage (Setup) that includes code hooks that will collect all the data we need, customized for your site.


This stage starts with a technical kickoff meeting with your developer to review the technical implementation guide and answer any questions they have. We can screen share, chat, or email with your developers as they work through the implementation guide.

Depending on the complexity of the implementation guide and how your sites is built we can sometimes install the code ourselves rather than asking for time from your developers. Once the code is installed we'll thoroughly test everything. 


Most of the time is spent looking into your new data and setting up reports and dashboards for you. You'll get the reports we designed in the Modeling stage and documentation of how they were built. That usually means a screen recording as the report is created in the analytics tool.

We'll review the reporting with you and make up to two rounds of updates. Once you're happy with everything we wrap things up with a project review and handoff.

Read more details and examples for the Publishing Quickstart here β†’