Publishing Analytics Quickstart

This project is designed for online publishers who want to upgrade their analytics. You'll get expert guidance on choosing and setting up the right analytics tools. At the end of the project you'll have the tools you need to answer important questions like:

  • Which traffic sources send people who become my biggest fans?
  • Which content keeps them engaged and coming back?
  • What percentage of my visitors are super fans?
  • When and how do they convert into subscribers?
  • What drives them to my high-value revenue streams (affiliate links, products, donations)?
  • Are there segments of fans who I'm not paying enough attention to?

Acquisition Channels and Engagement

Understand your readers, fans, and subscribers on a new level.

We'll make sure your acquisition channels (organic, referrals, campaigns, social) are tracked so you can see which ones send people who love your content.

Once people are on your site, you'll learn which articles are leading to the most email opt ins, creating super fans, and more.

Revenue Streams

You'll get full visibility into your non-advertising revenue streams. 

Examples of trackable revenue streams include physical or digital product purchases, clicks on affiliate links, paid subscriptions, etc. This data can be combined with reader sources and engagement to see which sources send readers who are most likely to buy, or which content is leading to the most revenue. 

Project Plan

The project has 3 stages: Modeling, Setup, Activation.


We'll start with a kickoff meeting to review the following topics:

  • Your goals and priorities
  • Revenue streams (other than advertising)
  • Reports and Dashboards you'd like to see at the end of the project
  • Questions you hope to answer with data at the end of the project
  • Tool recommendations that will be the best fit for your business

Within 3 business days of the Kickoff meeting you'll receive the following deliverables: 

  • Your goals, questions, and reports/dashboards from the kickoff broken down to a data schema so we know exactly what data to collect.
  • Reporting plans that outline exactly how we'll use the newly collected data in reports and dashboards.
  • A technical implementation guide for the next stage (Setup) that includes code hooks that will collect all the data we need, customized for your site.

Feedback and edits on these deliverables will be done in Google Docs and a wrap up call once things are complete.


This stage starts with a technical kickoff meeting with your developer to review the technical implementation guide and answer any questions they have. We can screen share, chat, or email with your developers as they work through the implementation guide.

Depending on the complexity of the implementation guide and how your sites is built we can sometimes install the code ourselves rather than asking for time from your developers. 

Once the code is installed we'll thoroughly test everything. 


Most of the time is spent looking into your new data and setting up reports and dashboards for you.

You'll get the reports we designed in the Modeling stage and documentation of how they were built. That usually means a screen recording as the report is created in the analytics tool.

We'll review the reporting with you and make up to two rounds of updates. 

Once you're happy with everything we wrap things up with a project review and handoff.